Advantages of using Conductive Silver Nano Particle Ink in Printed Electronics

Now a day, Printed Electronics technology is very popular all over the world. It is very flexible & cost effective technology. It can replace the traditional technologies. By this technology, one can convert the rigid circuit board into flexible circuit board by printing the circuit on any substrate with the help of Nano silver conductive ink. The conductivity of Nano silver ink increases as the particle size is very small in nano meters. Silver nano particle ink is the most important commercial nanotechnology-based products and the most widely studied worldwide. It is fast & accessible technology that can support rapid prototyping for many electronics devices.


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Printed electronics either for functional boards or for prototype design, it requires high conductivity. The higher the conductivity of the Nano particle ink, the more advanced and precise the printing process can be.  Due to higher conductivity, the required amount of current is passing through it. As compared to copper ink, the conductivity of silver ink is much higher. Although silver nano particle ink is very costly, but due to its extremely higher conductivity, it requires in less quantity.


The applications of Printed Electronics using Nano silver Conductive Ink:

  • Printed sensors (Like physical sensors for pressure, temperature)
  • Smart objects (Like smart cards, smart packages, and smart labels)
  • Printed memories & batteries
  • Smart textiles (active clothing)
  • Flexible displays
  • Lighting (OLED and electroluminescent products)