Is Carbon Nano tube Transistor the future of new technology based Microprocessor?

MOSFET (Metal-oxide-field-effect transistor) is the basic building block of modern Electronic device.  Mostly the transistor is made of silicon semiconducting material. But it has some limitation, when used in wireless communication. From many years, scientist & researchers have tried to use the properties of carbon tube in Electronics. But number of challenges have impeded as the size of CNT is very small

But very first time, the researchers of University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed the carbon nano tube transistors that increase the performance of advanced transistors. The CNT, which is useful for industries, is SWCNT (Single wall Carbon Nano tube) and diameter about 1 nm. Due to its small size, the number of transistor placed to single chip is increased & the speed becomes very fast.


Carbon Nanotube Transistor 3D model

CNT transistor is not only fast, but they are efficient, dissipates less heat than silicon transistor. The researchers can compare their CNT transistor against silicon transistor of same dimension & they found that the CNT achieved a current that is 1.5 times higher than the current produced by silicon transistor.

Arnold (Scientist from UW- Madison) said that,” the team’s achievement has long been a dream of nanotechnology for the last two decades. He says such a big milestone is a crucial advancement in the use of carbon nanotubes for high-speed communications, logic and other electronic technologies.”

In future, the CNT transistors replace the silicon transistor due to their better performance. This transistor is best suited for wireless communication. It creates more gain to electronic industries.


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