New invention of Lawrence Berkeley Team-Smallest Transistor (1nm)

A research team of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory developed a smallest working transistor of 1nm gate, under the guidance of faculty scientist Ali Javey at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

Photo taken in Cory Hall, UC Berkeley

Berkeley Lab faculty scientist and UC Berkeley professor Ali Javey (left) and graduate student Sujay Desai created the smallest transistor to date. Next to them is a vacuum probe station used to measure the electrical characteristics of the 1-nanometer-long transistors. (Credit: Marilyn Chung/Berkeley Lab)

“We made the smallest transistor reported to date,” said Javey, lead principal investigator of the Electronic Materials program in Berkeley Lab’s Materials Science Division. “The gate length is considered a defining dimension of the transistor. We demonstrated a 1-nanometer-gate transistor, showing that with the choice of proper materials, there is a lot more room to shrink our electronics.”


Transmission electron microscope image of a cross section of the transistor. It shows the 1-nanometer carbon nanotube gate and the molybdenum disulfide semiconductor separated by zirconium dioxide, an insulator. (Credit: Qingxiao Wang/UT Dallas)

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