Centre of Electronics and Telecommunication Excellence (CETE) is Global’s leading force which is devoted to dispersing the existing and advance technology of Electronics and telecommunication. It facilitates to understand the concept behind the existing technology and to create revolution through it. It provides various products like wiz Books, Journals, Conferences and Training Programs whose motive is to strengthen the knowledge of individuals.

Every individual could understand the basic concepts of electronics engineering is our motive. We want to provide a platform for all the learners of electronics and telecommunication, so that they can go into the depth of the subject and understand it thoroughly.

We focus to strengthen our youth by making them understand about the basic building blocks of electronics and to create electronics devices which are used for the mankind.

Now a days, Electronics and Telecommunication plays a vital role in creating big revolution. The technology of Electronics and Telecommunication system works into all the domains of Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Bio-Technology to enhance the quality, performance of existing systems by reducing their size and price.


Our aim is to provide a stage at which students, researchers, faculty members and existing organization syndicate and accomplish tasks, do innovations and introduce the world with their innovative technologies. We emphasis our youth to create good which is best for mankind.

To help mankind through innovation using Electronics Technology.


To Enhance the performance of existing Electronics and Telecommunication systems by getting the perfection in existing Electronics and Telecommunication techniques and systems. We wish to provide a platform where everyone can share 6their ideas, discuss their issues, create innovation and disseminate their discovered technology with each-other. We wish to accomplish people with their technical needs in electronics domain.

We hope to achieve a height so that our members inspire and motivate the new generation to serve themselves for mankind.