Center of Excellence in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (CETE)
Center of Excellence in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (CETE) serves the worldwide academic communities and contributes to the progress and application of science, by delivering superior scientific publications and scientific information solution provider that enable advancement in scientific research. The pace of discoveries is being stepped up across all the electronics field. The CETE objective is to provide for the exchange of scientific knowledge in all areas of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. It does this through the scholarly information of research through its various workshops and publications to promote research and development in the field of Electrical Engineering including  Electronics Communication, Design & Technology, Signals Processing, Satellite Communication, Instrumentation Technology.
Why CETE??

We know there are a number of different considerations when deciding where to publish your research. The information below highlights CETE's distinct advantages compared with other leading publishing options. 

  • We follow a hybrid Open Access publication model that enables its readers to access the published articles free of cost and it also give provision to publish the article without any charges thereby guaranteeing wider audience for reading, reprinting, distributing to facilitate academic and research activities.
  • Abstracts and full texts (HTML, XML and PDF format) of all articles published can be accessed immediately after its publication.
  • Citations are easy to track through Google metrics and other citation measurement tools available online.
  • Our Scholarly Journals strictly adhere to standard peer review process before accepting any citable manuscript for publication.
  • Our journals maintain up to date database, with all the latest developments in the respective fields and thus ensures the manuscripts published in our journals reaches its readers directly through e-mail.
  • We provide options for easy on-line tracking of manuscripts throughout the publication process starting from reviewing, acceptance/non-acceptance and payment. Archived online publications of our periodicals provide the International scientific community an immediate and permanent access to individual research articles.

Special Features

  • High quality Peer Review: All the benefits of traditional peer review - detailed, thoughtful, constructive improvement of your work - updated.
  • 250+ dedicated editor handles your article, and two or more reviewers provide in-depth reviews. 
  • 18 days rapid review process.
  • Social Networking for better sharing
  • Publication immediately after acceptance
  • Indexing in major indexing services
  • SJIF impact factor
  • In-House software (Internal Management System [IMS]) for data records of articles and editorial board. 
  • There is no cost for publishing an article in subscription based journals.
CETE aims to be recognized as a division of excellence in electronics engineering education and research.  It values integrity, diversity, critical thinking, impartial judgment, change, innovation, and collegiality.